This case turns your iPhone into an Android at the same time

This case turns your iPhone into an Android at the same time

The best of both worlds

Text: Rachel Au

Image: EYE by Esti Kickstarter

You no longer need to choose between Apple and Android—this Eye case combines both in one smartphone

There are three kinds of people. The ones that prefer either Apple or Android, and the third group who just wants both because it's undeniable that there are just some functions that are better in one smartphone than the other. Well, there's a device that can open your eyes to both worlds: the Eye smartphone casing for iPhones. 

Snap your iPhone (available for both iPhone 6 and 7 models) into the smartcase and you'll instantly get extra battery power, two SIM slots, up to 256GB storage, and pure Android OS on an extra 5-inch display on the back. It's almost like having two phones in one. And since you will have an extra screen on the back, that means better selfies with the main camera. The product is now available on Kickstarter for $95 (without 4G) or $129 (with 4G) and is scheduled to be shipped out by August or September 2017. 


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