Run in style: Sleek GPS watches

Run in style: Sleek GPS watches

Function and form

Image: TomTom
Image: iFIT
Image: Fitbit
Image: Motorola

GPS watches are incredible tools for you to track your running progress and challenge yourself, but when they look like big bulky things with more knobs than necessary, most of us are likely to think twice.

Here are 4 GPS watches that will keep your running on track and your style in check. 


1. Surge by Fitbit

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Not only does the Surge track your distance, pace and elevation climbed, it also reviews your routes and split times. An additional function that makes it stand out is that it can record other sports as well, such as cycling and cross training.


2. Moto 360 Sport

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Moto 360 is known for its clean and sleek design that makes wearable technology look good and the Moto 360 Sport is no different. The round dials look great and display all your running stats in a glance. The screen is also optimised for maximum readability for when you’re indoors and outdoors.


3. Sony SmartWatch 3

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Powered by iFIT, the Sony SmartWatch 3 is everything you need on a run. Besides mapping your route and tracking details of your run, this GPS watch also plays your music and allows you to answer calls, reply text messages and read emails, all from its discreet screen. 


4. TomTom Multi-Sport Cardio

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More on the sportier side, this GPS watch is perfect for the serious runner as it allows you to set new running goals to improve your performance with every run. It also comes with a little joypad right below the display that looks good and is easy to operate, making tabbing between screens a breeze.