How to better keep track of your health goals amidst a hectic schedule

Health is wealth


By Sarah Hani Jamil

How to better keep track of your health goals amidst a hectic schedule

Your health is often overlooked and perhaps neglected, especially when life gets too busy, or you’re feeling at the top of your game. However, it is undeniably your most precious asset, and disregarding it can’t be compensated for by any amount of money or success.

That’s why earlier this year, I resolved to prioritise my health, vowing to make small adjustments to my routine, like increasing my daily steps, staying adequately hydrated, and scheduling regular health check-ups. However, despite it being four months into 2024, I’ve struggled to fully embrace this goal amidst the chaos of my busy schedule. Fortunately, I’ve recently discovered a solution that promises to keep me on track, and it involves my iPhone and Apple Watch. Keep reading for details:


Keeping fit physically 


Stats on the Health app


Ever felt like you’re alone when it comes to tackling those health goals? The journey to better health can often feel like a lonely road. But that’s where the Apple Watch and Apple Health app can help—from alerts to trends, you can share all your health stats with friends and family through the app, keeping you accountable every step of the way. This includes high heart rate, irregular rhythm, or sudden drop in activity levels. Plus, it’s a two-way street—if you’re taking care of your loved ones, you can keep an eye on their health updates too. Here’s what else you can keep track of:

Walking speed: Measured speed is used to track the recovery of acute health issues such as joint replacement and stroke, as well as for observing changes over time, such as the progression of ageing or a disease like Parkinson’s.

Step length: As people age, their step length decreases compared to younger individuals. This serves as an indicator of impaired movement for various neurological and musculoskeletal disorders. 

Double support time: This refers to the time when both feet are in contact with the ground while walking. An increase in double support time has been related to a rise in an individual’s fear of falling, while lower double support times are correlated with improved walking stability.


Staying healthy mentally

The Journal app


While attending to your physical well-being is crucial, your mental health holds equal importance. Through the Apple Health app* and the Mindfulness app**, you can actively reflect on your mental state in an interactive manner. From feelings ranging from ‘Very Pleasant’ to ‘Very Unpleasant’, you can navigate through captivating, multidimensional shapes to express yourself and select the factors influencing your emotions most significantly at that moment.

Alternatively, keeping an everyday diary serves as an excellent way to organise your thoughts and contemplate your accomplishments. Fortunately, with the Journal app, traditional journaling methods are no longer necessary. This app simplifies the habit of journaling by letting you add photos, videos, audio recordings, and more. Additionally, personalised suggestions are provided to help you recollect and write about memorable moments, such as recent achievements,  travels, workouts, vision boards, songs and more—the possibilities are endless.


Vision health

Health stats on light exposure

Another health issue looming over us with the daily usage of technology is Myopia, commonly known as nearsightedness. Currently affecting over 30 per cent of the global population, this condition is particularly alarming when considering its impact on children, who frequently engage with digital devices.

The new Screen Distance feature on iPhone and iPad leverages the TrueDepth camera, which uses Face ID to prompt you to adjust the device’s distance if held closer than 12 inches for an extended period. This feature serves as a reminder for children to adopt healthier viewing habits while also offering us adult users a means to alleviate digital eyestrain. 


*in iOS 17

* *in watchOS 10


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