Enjoy your favourite Google Apps on the P60 Pro through the HUAWEI AppGallery

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By Carmen Chong

Enjoy your favourite Google Apps on the P60 Pro through the HUAWEI AppGallery

Our smart devices, like smartphones, have inevitably become an integral part of our lives for good reason. Whether you’re using them for productivity, entertainment, or social media, there’s literally nothing a smart device cannot do. That said, it’s the apps on these devices that ultimately make our lives just that much easier.

Recognising this, HUAWEI has consistently been ramping up its AppGallery, which is its official app distribution platform available on all of its devices. Since being introduced in 2019, the AppGallery has indeed come a long way and today it houses most of the world’s most used apps, including Google Apps.

No matter what your lifestyle needs are, the HUAWEI AppGallery has it all, whether that means banking, shopping, or food delivery. The best part about it all is that these apps, like the Google Apps, are super effortless to install through the AppGallery.

And what better way to test the AppGallery out than with HUAWEI’s brand new photography flagship smartphone, the HUAWEI P60 Pro? Fusing exceptional camera capabilities with sublime style, the HUAWEI P60 Pro brings mobile photography to a never-before-seen level and delivers an unprecedented user experience that satisfies all the senses.

Before we dive into all the outstanding features that make the HUAWEI P60 Pro a force to be reckoned with, here’s how you can download and install Google apps such as Gmail, Google Drive, YouTube and more through the AppGallery on the P60 Pro:

  1. Purchase a HUAWEI P60 Pro from any HUAWEI Experience Store or HUAWEI’s official website.
  2. Open the AppGallery and search for any Google App you wish to install.
  3. Install the app and sign into your Google account.
  4. Now, your favourite Google App is ready for use!

Now, here are some of the ground-breaking technologies on the HUAWEI P60 Pro that make it the flagship smartphone you shouldn’t miss.


Ultra-lighting XMAGE camera system

Boasting an F1.4-F.4.0 auto-adjustable physical aperture, the Ultra Lighting Main Camera on the HUAWEI P60 Pro produces crisp and high-quality images regardless whether it is day or night, thanks to its full-path light capturing capabilities. The breakthrough XMAGE mobile camera imaging tech by HUAWEI reproduces colours to look extra rich and sharp, so your photos will look more lifelike.

Unequalled Rococo Pearl design

Inspired by nature and reinterpreted with modernity, the HUAWEI P60 Pro features the industry’s first Pearl Texture Design, which integrates natural mineral pearl powder to give off a unique shimmery finish akin to that of the Mother of Pearl. Not only does it glow like a timeless ornament, but it also lends a distinct pattern to the P60 Pro’s exterior that exudes sheer elegance.


Durable Kunlun Glass

Say goodbye to fragile smartphone screens with HUAWEI P60 Pro’s new Quad-Curve Display that is made with HUAWEI’s exclusive durable Kunlun Glass panel. With its five-star glass drop-resistance certification from Switzerland’s SGS—the world’s leading testing, inspection and certification company—the HUAWEI P60 Pro’s overall drop-resistance is boosted by 10 times thanks to the Kunlun Glass.


Remarkable battery life

With the HUAWEI P60 Pro, you’ll never have to worry about making it through the day on a charge ever again. Equipped with a large capacity 4815 mAh battery, you can be rest assured that your P60 Pro will last you the entire day. With the 88W HUAWEI SuperCharge Charger, you’ll also be able to boost your smartphone’s juice by up to 50 per cent in under 10 minutes. Talk about being quick!


Pricing and availability

The HUAWEI P60 Pro is now available nationwide in two variants: RM4,699 (8GB RAM + 256GB ROM), and RM5,499 (12GB RAM + 512 GB ROM), offered in the Rococo Pearl and Black colour options.

Once you get your hands on your HUAWEI P60 Pro, go ahead and access the AppGallery and equip your brand new device with your favourite apps!


The HUAWEI P60 Pro can be purchased via the HUAWEI official website, HUAWEI Flagship Store on Lazada, HUAWEI Official Store on Shopee, or at any HUAWEI Experience store near you.

For more information, visit HUAWEI’s official website.


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