Here’s what caused the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 explosions

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By Rachel Au

Here’s what caused the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 explosions

There was a stir of excitement when Samsung first announced its then-upcoming Galaxy Note 7 in August 2016 but the currents soon changed into a stir of frenzy. In September 2016, Samsung had to initiate a recall of the first version of the Note 7 as there were reports of faulty batteries overheating and exploding. By the following month, the company had to recall over 2 million devices and discontinued its production—a move that has cost Samsung an estimate of $5.3 billion but proved their dedication to customers. 


Since then, Samsung has conducted several months of in-depth investigations and finally announced the cause of the Note 7 explosions in a press conference held on Monday morning in Seoul, Korea. In short, it was both battery manufacturing problems and design flaws that led to the phones overheating—and thus catching fire, in some cases. Watch the video below for Samsung’s concise explanation:

Regardless, President of Mobile Communications Business, Samsung Electronics, Koh Dong-Jin expressed his sincere apology and unveiled new measures the company will be taking to ensure these incidents won’t happen again such as the multi-layer safety protocols and 8-Point Battery Safety Check. 


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