Google Flights will help you find cheaper tickets

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By Rachel Au

Google Flights will help you find cheaper tickets

Let’s just put it this way: Google continues to be our best friend as it dishes update after update to make our lives so much easier—and less stressful when it comes to travel planning. The tech giant is updating is airline search tool with a new feature that will predict fare changes and notify you when the current price is expected to expire so you can quickly snag them. 

Google flights cheaper tickets update - prediction

Prior to this update, Google Flights could be used to see a calendar view of airline fares, search for cheap destinations based on when you want to travel as well as alert you of price changes for the flights you’re tracking. 


According to Google, the new feature will be rolling out to the Google Flights website in the coming weeks. Although it doesn’t come with a specified app, rest assured that it’s completely mobile-friendly. In fact, Google says it’s now better mobile-optimised as you can track and manage your saved flights while on your phone. 

Google flights cheaper tickets update - explore

Question: Is this new prediction feature dependable? Well, it’s all based on historical flight data so at the very least, it will help you avoid sudden price increases a little easier. 


You can read more about the update on Google’s blog entry here.


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