What makes the perfect travel companion

What makes the perfect travel companion

Are you one?

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You can be friends with someone but that doesn't mean you might be able to travel with them—unless they have these attributes

Travelling with friends, family or a loved one can either result in fond memories or disastrous stories to bring home. Unfortunately, you'll never know till you actually go on the trip. (It might help if you assign someone to be the travel planner of the group.) There is, however, one travel companion you can trust from the start to create gorgeous memories and tend to all your needs—an all-in-one smartphone like the Samsung Galaxy S7. Here's how it's akin to the perfect travel partner:


Fast and sharp-witted

samsung galaxy s7 camera adv-fast

You wouldn't want to visit a new city with someone who slows you down and hence end up missing all the best shows or attractions. The Samsung Galaxy S7 with its 12 megapixels and dual pixel technology is the same. It allows you to capture even the most sudden movement and in the lowest lighting conditions to give you a crisp image. Imagine using it while travelling in the car/bus or seeing the Eiffel Tower all gloriously lit up at night. 


The ability to take care of themselves

samsung galaxy s7 features - water resistant

Sure, we should always watch out for our friends but some can really make a fuss over the smallest issues. Rain or shine, you won't have to worry about the Samsung Galaxy S7 though as it's both dust and water resistant, specifically up to 30 minutes or 1.5 meters under, so you can still snap your photos, make a phone call or Google for directions whenever and wherever. 


Helpful and considerate

samsung galaxy s7 features

Things may not go according to plan at times and it's only natural to think for the good of the group and the situation to avoid more stress. And if you're feeling tired, the perfect travel companion would not push you further for their own selfish desires but find a place for you to take a break. Similarly, the Samsung Galaxy S7 knows when it's running low on battery and offers a few ways to help prolong it, ranging from an ultra battery saving mode to turning its screen to black and white. 


What else do you look for in a travel companion? Leave a comment below or for more information about the Samsung Galaxy S7, visit their website.


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