First Impressions: Joining the flip side with the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5

A trip down memory lane


By Sarah Hani Jamil

First Impressions: Joining the flip side with the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5

As you may have noticed on social media, the Samsung Galaxy Unpacked 2023 livestream took place in Seoul two weeks ago, and it’s all everyone’s been talking about—mainly due to the pretty significant and revolutionary upgrade to its trendy Galaxy Z Flip series. For those really late to the party and have no clue what the Galaxy Z Flip is, think of the early 2000s clamshell-style foldable phones—like the cult Motorola Razr—but with new-age technology such as inner and outer touchscreens, vibrant displays, superior performance, and much, much more.

Now, on its Z Flip5 model, Samsung has announced several new upgrades to the Gen Z and millennial-loved device, which I now have the opportunity to review. Below, find the 10 features I’m loving so far.


That cover screen

At 3.4 inches, the outer screen is 3.78 times bigger compared to its predecessor, so there’s so much more you can do without having to flip open the phone. Oh, and it’s now called the Flex Window. Very satisfying to look at!


Creativity unleashed…

…with widget customisation. I love how I can customise the way my front lock screen looks with countless personalisation options at the cover screen wallpaper settings. I can also rearrange and instantly access the apps I want by swiping left and right.


Watch YouTube videos on the cover

Or even Netflix! Yes, I couldn’t believe it either, but lo and behold, it works! While not every app can appear on the front screen, many of the ones I use daily do, such as WhatsApp, Messages and Google Maps. When watching a video, you can stand the phone up like a tent without additional support. Easy-peasy!


Take photos from the front screen

With the Z Flip5, you can take high-quality selfies with the 12MP rear cameras and check out what you look like on the big Flex Window. And with the palm gesture feature that automatically snaps for you, taking group photos will be so much fun and easier!


The display

The inside screen maintains its vibrancy and clarity with a 6.7-inch Dynamic AMOLED 2X Display. Furthermore, the outer screen is not bad either, with an improved Super AMOLED display that allows for an enjoyable visual experience.


Smooth scrolling

Scrolling through everyday apps like Instagram and TikTok is smooth and snappy overall, thanks to the adaptive 120Hz refresh rate. In a semi-folded position, I love seeing how the visuals move seamlessly from the bottom of the screen to the top.


Enhanced durability

Having owned a flip phone in the 2000s, I’m excited to be coming back to a foldable device again. However, with added screens and being accident-prone (occasionally!), I’m worried about its longevity. Samsung addresses this with a new durable, dual rail hinge and Gorilla Glass Victus 2 for its front and inner screens.


The lavender casing

The smartphone comes in four delicious, futuristic colours, which are Graphite, Mint Green, Cream and the very stunning, feminine and iridescent Lavender, which I picked right away.


The shape

Going from a regular, rectangular smartphone to a much smaller, square design takes some time getting used to, but I love how much less space it takes up in my bag.


Fits into pockets

Aside from small purses, the Galaxy Z Flip5 easily fits into almost all my pockets, too. The challenge now is not forgetting where I’ve put my phone each time. Tips, anyone?


While there is so much more yet for me to discover, such as battery life and the performance of the new Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 Mobile Platform, I’m pretty impressed with the Galaxy Z Flip5 so far. Stay tuned for my in-depth review of the smartphone soon.


Prices for the Galaxy Z Flip5 start at RM4,499 (256GB) and is available for pre-order here or purchase from the 18th of August 2023.


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