Tick Tock Tech Talk: A review of the Dyson V11 Absolute vacuum in 60 seconds

It sucks a lot

Text: Rachel Au

Video: Octopost Studio

Dyson's latest V11 vacuum doesn't look vastly different from its last one... so what's new? Here's my quick review after a month with it

In a world of fast-paced technology advancements and a myriad of gadgets for (almost) every purpose and budget, it's easy to forget that home appliances are also, essentially, tech gadgets. More so when it's a product by a company such as Dyson that has spent countless hours (and dollars) into meticulous research for every aspect and part—even the tiniest component—of a product. And they have many of those. I know because I visited Dyson's research and development facility as well as its Advanced Manufacturing facility—both located in Singapore. Besides R&D, the former also houses a semi-anechoic chamber that tests the sound of every product; that it's pleasing to the ears while maintaining performance.

The latter facility specifically manufactures and assembles the "heart" aka the digital motors for every Dyson product, be it the Supersonic hairdryer, the Airwrap styler or the cord-free vacuum cleaners such as the V11 (which is the name of the motor itself). Fun fact: A completed Dyson digital motor is produced every 2.6 seconds, and each is built and assembled using dozens of highly automated robotic arms. Precision is key while perfection is the goal. And that brings us back to the Dyson V11 vacuum; and its pride and joy—its new digital motor which the company feels signifies the end of corded products as it's lightweight and yet still does its job.

Dyson V11 Absolute vacuum malaysia review

So how well does the Dyson V11 Absolute do its job? My review: Pretty great, actually. Official numbers from Dyson claim it captures 99.97% of particles as small as 0.3 microns (read: bacteria, pollen and the like); and it runs for up to 60 minutes of fade-free floor cleaning thanks to its super powerful battery. Performance-wise, it works splendidly but so did its predecessors. The difference goes beyond a powerful digital motor (20 percent more suction power than the Dyson Cyclone V10) and battery pack. The difference is that it's also called an intelligent vacuum and Dyson isn't just saying it. It's true.

Is it usually a hassle to physically change cleaner heads according to your floor type? Or potentially just face some resistance? The High Torque cleaner head with Dynamic Load Sensor (DLS) system takes care of that by automatically switching gears between carpet and hard floors upon detection. Is it hard to figure out why your vacuum isn't working like it should? The new LCD screen will answer all your questions, displaying not just the cleaning modes (Eco, Auto and Boost) and remaining run time in real time, but also whether it's time to clean the filters; if there are any blockages (and how to clear them); and if the filter isn't connected properly. Is operating a vacuum, changing its multiple attachments and disposing the dust bag often some of the many reasons you rather pick the traditional broom? Dyson's vacuums and its throng of attachments (for every kind of corners and floor textures) operate with a simple push and click. Align the parts together and click them together. Done. Point the V11 into a dustbin, pull the red lever and the flap quickly opens to "shoot" out everything it has sucked up straight into the bin. Done.

Dyson V11 Absolute vacuum malaysia review

Essentially, the Dyson V11 Absolute cord-free vacuum is a dream come true but there's still definitely room for improvement. For starters, pressing on the trigger to use is easy but not ideal if you're cleaning for 20 to 30 minutes straight. More so if you're lifting it to clean anywhere off the floor—because, with that big battery pack, comes a bit of a weight. Personally, those are probably the only two gripes I have with the V11. Noise-wise, it's considerably softer but don't expect it to a quiet beast either. At the very least, it's not hurtful to the ears. If you're looking for cons on the V11, you can tell I'm having difficulty reporting any. Let's just say: I finally enjoy vacuuming over sweeping the floors. And since it's also handheld, I can literally vacuum everywhere. It sparks joy so I think Marie Kondo will let me keep it.

The Dyson V11 Absolute cord-free vacuum is now available at RM3,399 from, the Dyson Demo at The Gardens Mall and major departmental and electrical stores.

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