Don’t drive? Google Maps’ new update will make it your go-to app

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By Rachel Au

Don’t drive? Google Maps’ new update will make it your go-to app

New year, new look and this doesn’t just apply to us fashionable folk. Google Maps feel the same way as the app has updated its ride services experience with an improved interface, making it more user-friendly. It took its first step last year by allowing users to book a ride directly from the app – be it Android or iOS – by selecting from a long list of ride service providers (Grab and Uber in Malaysia’s case) and ride options. Now, these options will be displayed in a carousel so that you can still view the map. 

In addition, when you tap on your preferred provider, you’ll see a complete list of ride options and special offers or promotions. Next, while waiting for your ride to send you to your destination, you can even look up information about the place – say a restaurant – such as menus, hours and other helpful details within the app. 

The next update to look forward to is an even more welcoming notion. Google Maps is trying out a new integration that will allow you to book, complete and pay for an Uber ride without ever leaving the app. Looks like we’ll really soon be able to use Google for anything


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