Should you should consider updating your iPhone and iPad to iOS 12.1?


By Rachel Au

Should you should consider updating your iPhone and iPad to iOS 12.1?

First came iOS 12 then came the slew of new iPhones. And today, Apple is rounding up 2018 with a follow-up event where rumour has it that it’s a new iPad Pro, among a few other possibilities (stay tuned for our updates!). But not before announcing the release of iOS 12.1 before the buzz shifts to the star of today’s Apple event. So is it worth hitting that update button instantly?


Yes, if you love emojis

Honestly, I still have trouble scrolling through the already expansive emoji keyboard for the one I’m looking for. But if you’re a heavy emoji user, iOS 12.1 brings with it more than 70 new emoji to the iPhone and iPad, including new characters with red hair (Wealeys rejoice!), grey hair (express more about your grandparents and bald people. Other emojis we’re excited about: Mooncake, angpau, bagel and mango.

*The new emojis will also be available on Apple Watch and Mac with a free software update.


Yes, if you love to play with depth of field

The new iPhones let you edit the bokeh effect post-snap but iOS 12.1 allows you to adjust that depth of field effect in real-time preview, in Portrait mode. This is available also on the TrueDepth camera for selfies.


Yes, if you want to do Group FaceTime

Do so much more with your FaceTime sessions, including adding more people. It will also be integrated into the Messages app, making it easy to start a Group FaceTime session with an existing group Messages chat. Similarly, this means you can use the same camera effects in Messages in your FaceTime sessions such as add stickers and filters or appear as an Animoji or Memoji. There will also be automatic detection of active speakers thanks to an on-device intelligence so that the current speaker will be automatically highlighted and brought to the forefront. Last but not least, all FaceTime conversations are encrypted end to end, thus remaining private and viewable only by the participants.


Yes, if you want to enable Dual Sim

You’ve heard about it. Now with iOS 12.1, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR gain Dual SIM support, featuring a nano-SIM and digital eSIM. Read more on how to set up Dual Sim here.


iOS 12.1 is available beginning October 30.

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