5 Apps to download before you balik kampung for Hari Raya



By Rachel Au

5 Apps to download before you balik kampung for Hari Raya

We’re less than a week away to Aidilfitri and preparations are definitely in full swing but if not everything is going according to plan or you’re pressed for time, don’t be too stressed about it. Everyone else in the family may be busy with their list of things to do but you can surely count on your smartphone and its library of apps. Haven’t found an outfit yet? There’s Zalora. Need help with spring cleaning? ServisHero can be of service. Once that’s out of the way, download these other apps from the App Store’s “Jom Balik Kampung” collection for the journey back to your hometown. 


1. Anylist – Grocery Shopping List & Recipe Manager

The bigger the open house, the messier the shopping is going to be. AnyList can help connect everyone in the family on the app as you create grocery shopping lists and collect/organise receipts. The changes will show up instantly on your/their iPhone or iPad to avoid confusion (and possible spats). 


2. Magic

Everyone will surely be posting their best Raya #ootd but don’t forget to upload photos of special and precious moments with the family. Take it a step further with Magic, the first app that can detect facial expressions in real-time and augments videos with emotion-based animations. (Say goodbye to that puppy face filter.)


3. Kami 2

Flying home and dreading the boredom that comes with being on the plane (because, how many shots of the sky can you possibly take?). You won’t be able to finish a whole movie but you can challenge your mind to over 100 handcrafted puzzles in this app (no Wi-Fi connection needed). 


4. Tape it Up

Perhaps problem-solving games aren’t exactly your way to relax on a flight back home. Tape it Up is almost the exact opposite. Oddly satisfying, the goal is to become a tape master by using everything you can think of to tape up all the boxes — quickly. Use cats, tacos, whatever you fancy so long as you get it done. 


5. tonton 

You know about iflix, Netflix and YouTube. But what about a platform offering only the best of Malaysian dramas? There’s tonton with over 29,000 hours of content to keep everyone entertained while you’re busy in the kitchen (just don’t forget to pack your Apple TV). 


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