Where to find your daily dose of good news (God knows we all need it these days)


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Where to find your daily dose of good news (God knows we all need it these days)

A daily doom scroll is, unsurprisingly, not great for one’s mental health and wellbeing. Focusing on the world in disarray can leave us with a bias towards a more negative outlook. Though life is all about balance, we can opt to consume more good news. For those who need to give their newsfeed an injection of positivity, see our selection of platforms working to showcase all the good goings-on.



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Founded by writer and illustrator, Emily Coxhead, The Happy News is a quarterly newspaper covering positive news from all over the world, and celebrating everyday heroes. Each issue is centred around a theme (the September theme: strength) and features everything from poems to illustrations (including beautiful artwork by the artist Apara Sharma and Emily herself.).

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The site works to publish daily good news stories, that are both optimistic and solutions-driven. Demonstrated in the reporting of Easton LaChapelle who, after meeting a seven-year-old girl whose prosthetic arm cost $80,000, designed a more affordable 3D printed prosthetic. The Optimist Daily also covers a range of articles that work to aid personal development, from ways in which we can make work less stressful to how to reclaim our weekends.

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Positive News works to highlight the positive progressions in the world. For example, highlighting inspiring initiatives such as “dine-in, to get them in” put forward by Fat Macy, a social enterprise that works to address homelessness. The scheme works to help young people moving out of hostels into permanent houses, by covering their deposit and offering culinary training. Positive News covers a wide range of topics; including environment, economics, lifestyle and science.

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At the heart of Happy News is the belief that “virtue, goodwill and heroism are hot news.” Happy News works together with citizen journalists to report on positive and gripping news stories, including the story of Anthony Mmesoma Madu, whose viral ballet recital video resulted in a scholarship to the ABT, dance school in New York.

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