The B.I.G. experience: Eat, drink and shop at your new neighbourhood grocer

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By Su Fen Tan

The B.I.G. experience: Eat, drink and shop at your new neighbourhood grocer

B.I.G. welcomes you to a new abode in Plaza Batai, a shopping and dining enclave located within the Damansara Heights neighbourhood. Here, B.I.G.’s Eat.Drink.Shop concept comes to life with a variety of dining options. For days where you need a kick to keep you going, quick pick-me-ups by Plan B Roasters will come in handy. If you like your drink with a bite or two of fresh pastry, fret not, as B.Read is just next door.


The 17,000 sq ft store offers a quality selection of products and produce within a lively and interactive environment. Divided into several sections, including Botanical Produce (fruits and vegetables), Barn Butchery, Bay Seafood, Malaya Kitchen (local ingredients), Japanese and Deli, the store contains delightful unique features such as a Cheese Room, which emulates a French fromagerie offering a unique selection of seasonal cheeses from around the world—a real treat for cheese enthusiasts.

The B.I.G. experience continues at Plaza Batai with Ben’s General Food Store located at the opposite end of the Grocer. Find a wide array of unique cuisine in thie neightbourhood eatery—from their signature fresh salads, spit roast chicken and pizzas, to a new range of modern tapas, seafood and shuck-to-order oysters, there is something for everyone.


B.I.G. Plaza Batai is located at Lot 6, Jalan Batai, Damansara Heights.


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