Ryan Reynolds to star as Pikachu in live-action Pokemon movie

Gotta catch ‘em all


By Gwen Ong

Ryan Reynolds to star as Pikachu in live-action Pokemon movie


Detective Pikachu is off to a great start with its latest signing—Ryan Reynolds is joining the team for the first-ever live-action Pokemon film. The actor will be alongside Justice Smith, who can be seen in the upcoming Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom and Kathryn Newton of Big Little Lies.


Based on the popular gaming franchise from Japan, the story follows Justice as his character teams up with Pikachu to locate his father who’s been kidnapped. Kathryn will be playing a journalist who helps them on their quest. Ryan is taking on the role of the adorable and smart Pikachu. The production is reported to begin shooting this January 2018 in London according to Hollywood Reporter


Pokemon first burst into popular culture in 1996 when its video games sold close to 300 million copies worldwide. It then also transformed into a card-collecting game with 23 billion cards shipped to 74 countries. Its success also launched an animated series spanning 20 seasons long and turned it into a movie franchise phenomenon. Just when you think the hype is over, Pokémon Go revived the craze once again last year. So it is only apt that a live-action film is next in the pipeline.


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