Pokémon Go: Where to find lures and special offers in KL

Pokémon Go: Where to find lures and special offers in KL

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Text: Rachel Au

Image: Pavilion KL
Image: iStock

Catch Pokémon and be rewarded at these hot Pokéstops in the Klang Valley

1. Pavilion KL

There are dozens of lures at Pavilion but the premier shopping mall is joining in the fun by offering RM10,000 worth of rewards if you're a Pokémon trainer. Follow the trail posted on their website and collect screenshots of the Pokémon you caught at those Pokéstops to win dining vouchers. 

Two of the stops, Azzurro Café and The Barn, are offering a discount for players too. The contest ends on 14 August 2016. For more information, visit their website.


2. Sunway Pyramid

A hotspot for Pokéstops, the mall is making full use of them by activating the lure modules till the end of next week. But that's not all. Sunway Pyramid is hosting an event on 13 August from 7.30pm to 9pm where trainers who catch the Pokémon of the Day will win attractive prizes - including an iPhone 6S and a 2D1N stay at Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa. 


3. Jaya One

Yet another location that's known to be frequented by Pokémon, The School section will be activating lure modules from 11am onwards this 14 August 2016.


4. Publika

The good news is the place has tons of Pokémon. The bad news is the management isn't activating any lures themselves (yet?) but their sister company, LunchClick has organised a related event - Dating Go. Join the hunt with other Pokémon-loving singles and you might find a real catch. 


5. Ploy

One of our favourite restaurants is giving diners an instant discount and a free serving of their Dessert of the Day if they can catch a Pokémon at any of their outlets. Just take a screenshot of it and show it to the staff. 


6. Neway Karaoke

Carpool karaoke is fun but you can't catch any Pokémon (no, really, please drive safe). Sing your heart out at Neway while catching a couple of new (and old) Pokémon and spin a few Pokéstops there too to refill your Pokéballs. Also, the karaoke place is offering a discount depending on what level you are. 


7. myBurgerLab

Their outlets at Seapark and OUG are actual Pokéstops and a lure is almost always active there. At the moment, myBurgerLab is offering a soda for RM1 if you show your app to the cashier (the promotion ends at 10pm on 14 August 2016) but they have hinted that there will be something special coming up soon. In the meantime, they've evolved their Bulbasaur burger and there's a new Charmander Fries. 


8. Battery Acid Club

They serve lovely sandwiches and amazing coffee and they're also a part lifestyle store. So maybe it's no surprise that even Pokémon can be found hanging out there too. Screenshot your catch there and show it to the counter to claim 10% off your bill throughout August. 


9. Tokyo Kitchen

Most of their outlets have lure modules activated but the restaurant is offering diners 30% off their salmon sashimi if you show them a Magikarp. Have you caught one yet? 


10. Grab

Need to catch them all but need a ride as well? Grab will take you to selected Pokéareas (be sure to pick one with a lure module activated) and give you a discount.


11. 1 Utama Shopping Centre

There's quite a party of Pokéstops at this mall and more often than enough, a lure module would have already been activated at those stops. Hence, the mall is running a contest to give you a REAL Pikachu - plushie version. 


12. Barfly Publika

From now till 26 August 2016, Barfly is offering a free Pokémon-themed cocktail if you a Pokémon there, screenshot it and show it to the bartender. 

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