You can now drink your Prosecco topped with rose gold glitter

Raise your glasses

You can now drink your Prosecco topped with rose gold glitter
Consider this your new party trick for the next fancy dinner you’re throwing at home

Champagne and Prosecco are usually the no-brainer choices for celebrations and intimate affairs but someone, or rather a company, has managed to top the average glass of bubbly with a brand-new product. 

A UK-based kitchenware store called Lakeland is offering "Raspberry Shimmer Popaball for Prosecco" — edible glitter that's designed to give the Prosecco an iridescent rose-gold hue "with little heart-shaped flakes of gold" and a slight raspberry flavour. Now this is the kind of magic trick we'd want to see at parties. 


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The company further details that the drink's bubbles will keep the golden swirls moving even after a hearty sprinkle. It may be designed for sparkling wine but we'd say it's also great for cocktails and mocktails alike. 

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