A look at popular Instagram aesthetic feeds: What are they and should you have one?


By Marissa Chin

A look at popular Instagram aesthetic feeds: What are they and should you have one?
We all know Instagram has morphed into a different sort of animal from its debut back in 2010. Unlike its previous “snap and post” days, people are pouring tons of effort into their Instagram feeds to achieve #FeedGoals. Every post is meticulously planned (and pre-planned), hours (yes, hours) are spent on perfectly balancing the shadows and highlights—you get the gist.

Everyone’s IG game seems to be in tip-top shape and it’s mostly because of these Instagram feeds they are following. If you have been wanting to do the same, here are up-and-coming (and familiar) feed themes you can consider adopting:

White borders


Ah, who can forget the iconic white borders that just about everyone sported at one point in their Instagram career? Back then, posting full-squares was a big no-no (oh, how the tables have turned) and the only way to rack up cool points was to add white borders around your photos. We’re not going to talk them down, though—the borders immediately add a clean minimalistic feel to your feed. It’s also making a serious comeback, which we’re not mad about.

Favourite filter

instagram vsco warm aesthetic

You know how the saying goes: “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” So if you like how a particular filter looks, why not use it for, well, every photo? If you can’t decide which aesthetic to commit to, reusing the same filter is a sure-fire way of creating an aesthetically-pleasing IG feed, stat. Not only will it save you hours in the editing room, but your feed will also immediately look cohesive which is the goal of any feed theme.



Don’t be mistaken: a minimalist feed doesn’t mean that you have to hold back on the colour, although you can if that’s your vibe. This aesthetic theme mainly plays around with negative space, giving the subject the “breathing space” it needs without assaulting the eyes too much. This theme doesn’t restrict you in what colour palettes you choose, rather it’s the experimentation with space that ties the whole feed together.



Not everyone is a fan of bright colours, we get that. Here’s a popular aesthetic theme that’s perfect for a monotone look without being too dull. With this theme, your feed looks controlled, clean and chic sans any potential colour distractions. It’s the perfect swaths of shades of grey Christian would be proud of.

Vintage tint


The 90s is definitely the new 2000s. If you’re a fan of all things vintage, then consider a vintage filter that casts a soft and shiny glow over your shots for that retro effect. As you can see, the content of the images doesn’t matter as much, so you have free reign there. All you need is a mellow filter to do the trick and you’re done.


You can never go wrong with sticking to one colour story. The sky’s the limit with what colours you want to coordinate your feed with: you can use earth-toned hues like social media personality Bella Fiori (@isabella_fiori) or go completely pastel, like photographer Maria Marie (@cestmaria) pictured above. But if you’re particularly finicky and can’t stick to one colour palette, then…

Rainbow technicolour

instagram rainbow colour gradient aesthetic

Let the rainbow colour wheel be your guide. This is definitely a niche aesthetic theme that’s not for everyone but it’ll definitely elicit some “oohs” and “ahhs” from your peers. As they scroll down your feed, each image slowly fades into the next in a beautiful colour gradient that’s oh-so-pleasing. Popular makeup guru Michelle Pan even gave it a whirl!

Should you have an Instagram feed theme?

We’ve given you a whole list of feed themes to try out so it seems a tad counter-productive to suggest otherwise—but, these themes won’t be the answer to everything. Here are some things to bear in mind:

  • It will be challenging to commit to any theme because every photo you post has to match it—what if you really like a photo but it looks out of place on your feed?
  • You might fall into the trap of taking pictures for your feed instead of taking pictures for you. Hear us out: if your feed is beige-themed, then you’re going to look for beige objects to snap. And that’s a chore if you’re going to eat Mala for lunch.
  • Creating a themed Instagram feed means that your followers expect certain photos from you. If you decide to post outside of your aesthetic, there’s a huge chance you’ll quickly lose those followers. Eek.

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Not everyone’s life is that cohesive and planned out, is it? Instagram is all about how you present yourself online but if your life is a whirlwind of clashing colours and mismatched backgrounds, there’s no shame in showing that off either.

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