#InstaLove: Paint-mixing is both therapeutic and addictive to watch

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By Rachel Au

#InstaLove: Paint-mixing is both therapeutic and addictive to watch

Painting is generally a wonderful therapeutic activity – as we discovered during a cake painting workshop we did for Buro Tries – so who would have thought that blending paint itself is equally calming. During a recent browse on the Instagram Explore page, we discovered a video of different colourful blobs of paint being mixed together with a palette knife. The official hashtag: #paintmixing.



Although it has yet to take the world by (a colourful) storm, it does have quite a following with over 35,000 posts on Instagram. The ‘trend’ was first started by an artist named Iris Nan who is a fashion student from Los Angeles. She uploaded these short videos of herself mixing paint for her artwork quite regularly to show the process to her followers. However, she soon discovered that people found these videos rather soothing and decided to upload more. 



Some people have commented that it was similar to watching ASMR clips. She garnered a huge following soon after and the hashtag grew as other artists such as Annette Labedzki and Sára J. Molčan decided to follow suit. One thing’s for sure, you won’t be able to stop watching them. 





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