#InstaLove: Pug doodles that will make you smile

#InstaLove: Pug doodles that will make you smile

The pug life

Text: Rachel Au

Taking pet photos to the next (artistic) level

We've been seeing mostly food in our past #InstaLove posts (not that we're complaining when it's things like sushi donuts and coffee in a cone) so it was nice to find that the latest Instagram account that has been shown a lot of love is an adorable pug 'dressed' up in doodles - @mr_georges_doodle.



While most doting parents of a new furkid would splurge on cute costumes, a couple decided to shower their newly adopted pug, Monsieur Georges, with what they know best: Art. "Since we are both designers, it naturally occurred to us that the best thing to do was to doodle the hell out of his little muzzle," said one-half of the couple, Max to Bored Panda. 



Here are some of our favourite pug doodles from @mr_georges_doodle. You can also tag a photo of your own pooch and the artsy couple might just draw on it. 







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