One to watch: The ‘Orchestration of Time’ by Hermès

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By Su Fen Tan

One to watch: The ‘Orchestration of Time’ by Hermès

In the ‘Orchestration of Time’, Vernhes conducts a silent score playing the gentle music of time, a fine tribute to the new Slim d’Hermès watch line. For this exhibition, he orchestrated five video performances that resonate like so many moments in life, each synchronised to the same gentle to-and-fro motion—a mesmerising and hypnotic sight to behold.  


Born of aesthetic purity, Slim d’Hermès charms one with its sleek, minimalistic lines. Inspired by the new classic, Vernhes arranges 11 watches like notes of music on a staff, forming five successive tableaus—a nod towards the passing of time. Like the constant churn of fleeting moments, the installation comes to life in dynamic succession, with numerals in a font designed by Philippe Apeloig dancing around the watches in light motion.


The ‘Orchestration of Time’ will make its debut in Southeast Asia at Starhill Gallery Adorn Floor. Open to the public from 10am-10pm, 20 May to 7 June 2016.


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