#MondayMontage: Unique fitspiration

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By Buro247

#MondayMontage: Unique fitspiration

Most fitness inspiration accounts are of incredibly fit and toned people in gyms, which might make us feel intimidated or unable to relate to their lifestyles. To give you a more wholesome view to the term “fitspiration”, here are three unique Instagram accounts that will encourage you to look at exercise differently and inspire a more inclusive approach to working out that you can practice in your daily life. 


1. Rachel Brathen

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On her Instagram account Rachel Brathen demonstrates that yoga can be practiced anywhere, whether you’re at the beach, on a cliff side, or on a surfboard. Follow Rachel to see her in different poses against beautiful backdrops in Aruba, where she resides, and get motivated to start practicing this healing exercise in your daily life. 


2. Mary Helen Bowers 

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Mary Helen Bowers is a professional ballerina and a celebrity fitness guru who was responsible for training Natalie Portman in her Academy Award-winning role in the Black Swan. Although she has amazing credentials, what we really love about her Instagram account is that her passion for ballet is so strong that she even dances while (heavily) pregnant. 


3. Race With Reason

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Race With Reason is a non-profit organisation that raises funds for charities that are fighting diseases and developing new products and inventions to better the medical world. Anyone who posts a run on Instagram and tags them will earn money for a charity that supports a disease. If that is not motivation enough to start running (and posting about your run), their Instagram feed is filled with gorgeous photos of people running in nature that will surely inspire you to put your running shoes on and get moving. 

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