#MondayMontage: Travelling pets

Man's best friend


By Su Fen Tan

#MondayMontage: Travelling pets

1. Miami

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From striking a pose in front of the Louvre, to rolling around on plush beds in five-star hotels, this adorable pocket-sized dog from Italy is sure living a life well travelled. Follow him on his high-flying adventures as he jet-sets around the world, exploring iconic landmarks one tiny step at a time.


2. Diesel

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Meet Diesel the adventure dog.  Diesel and his owner Sam live in the nature wonderland that is Seattle, Washington, and spend a significant amount of their time hiking the great outdoors and taking in the incredible views that come with it.


3. Maddie

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Maddie the coonhound and photographer Theron Humphrey went on a grand adventure in 2011—they embarked a 365-day road trip that saw them traverse across all 50 states in the U.S. (“This Wild Idea“). Ever-calm and zen-like, Maddie’s endearing features has her pegged as one of the most lovable pets on Instagram.


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