#MondayMontage: Captivating portraits

Visual storytelling


By Su Fen Tan

#MondayMontage: Captivating portraits

There is something rather personal about portrait photography, and while these photographers have different styles and creative visions, they produce strong, compelling images in portraiture that is really quite beautiful to see.


1. Zeno Petersen 

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A cinematographer by day, Zeno’s biggest inspiration in life is life and people, particularly people that emote strong emotions, loss and struggle. His feed is a fantastic blend of street photography and portraits, and each carries a sense of strength and emotion that draws you in.


2. Christina Marie Hicks 

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Seattle-based editorial photographer and art director Christina’s clean, minimalistic approach to photography presents a more than pleasant treat for the eyes. Describing her aesthetic as minimal naturalism, she finds tranquility and natural beauty in her daily surroundings.


3. Neil Krug 

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With photos that look like they came straight out of a ’70s photo album, Neil’s work has this signature grainy, fuzzy aesthetic about them that is quite dream-like and surreal—a quality that has drawn the attention of many famous personalities. He has had the pleasure of shooting with the likes of Bat for Lashes, Tame Impala and Lana Del Rey. 



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