Megan Fox’s fans are giving Michael Bay heat for sexualising her as a 15-year-old girl on set


By Marissa Chin

Megan Fox’s fans are giving Michael Bay heat for sexualising her as a 15-year-old girl on set

It’s an open secret that the Hollywood circle is full of dirty secrets. The latest to get his cup of comeuppance is one of Hollywood’s favourite directors, Michael Bay.

The Bad Guys and Transformers director is currently facing a lot of heat on social media for his sexist and derogatory treatment of women in his films. Namely, old clips and interviews of Megan Fox–who was an extra on Bad Boys 2–has resurfaced, not only reminding him but all of us that he sexualised a 15-year-old Megan Fox while on set.

Megan Fox tried to warn us

During her peak in Hollywood, Megan Fox was labelled left and right as the ‘Sexiest Woman on Earth’ and was more known for her body than as an actress. But Hollywood’s objectification of her started before her stint on Transformers and even then, it still had something to do with Michael Bay.

In a shocking past interview with Jimmy Kimmel, Fox revealed that while acting as an extra on the set of Bad Boys 2, she was made to wear a skimpy American-flag styled bikini, cowboy hat and six-inch heels. In addition, she was made to dance in a strip club for the scene. She was only 15 while Bay was 35.

What’s even more shocking is the response Fox received for revealing this extremely disturbing piece of information. When the actress hinted that this was the “sort of a microcosm of how Michael Bay’s mind works,” Jimmy Kimmel chimed in and said, “Yeah, well, that’s really a microcosm of how all our mind’s works.” The audience then cheers and laughs along. Um, what? Did Jimmy Kimmel just confirm Hollywood men’s pedophilic tendencies towards young women?

Fast forward to 2007 for her Transformers audition, Bay didn’t feel the need to make her read lines or do test shoots. Oh no. Instead, Bay reportedly made Fox dress in a bikini (again) and washed his Ferrari while he filmed all of it, in his own remake of Bay Wash. Writer Jason Solomons claimed, “[Fox] said she didn’t know what had happened to that footage. When I put it to Bay himself, he looked suitably abashed—’Er, I don’t know where it is either.'”

In a 2009 interview with Wonderland, Megan Fox spilled all the tea on how hard it was to work with Bay on the set of Transformers. Yes, we agree the comparison to Hitler was in poor taste but once again, her hints on Bay’s professional etiquette fell on deaf ears. What followed was a smear campaign by Bay’s very own crew members who went on to call Fox “trailer trash”, “dumb as rocks” and a “porn star”. All of this was published on Bay’s website (a letter that has since been removed).


She was labelled as an incredibly hard and ungrateful actress to work with, which led her to essentially being blacklisted in Hollywood, falling just as fast out of grace as her rise to stardom. The slander towards her had gotten so bad to the point that she felt she couldn’t come forward with her own story during the #MeToo Movement because she didn’t think she would be seen as a “sympathetic victim.”

Michael Bay is currently under fire

It’s frustrating that Megan Fox’s promising career was destroyed by Bay while he went on to make millions from his Transformers franchise. While the axe should have come down on him about ten years ago, it’s better late than never. Many people are now giving the director heat for both his actions and his movies. Case in point, this whole two-minute scene trying to justify a 20-year-old dating a 17-year-old, which Bay thought was important enough.

So yes, Michael Bay can take his formulaic movies full of constant explosions and close-ups of a female bottom and go. We really don’t mind, as some of these Twitter reactions prove:

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