Ki No Bi Kyoto Dry Gin partners with 6 outlets for limited-time cocktails and pairings


By Natalie Khoo

Ki No Bi Kyoto Dry Gin partners with 6 outlets for limited-time cocktails and pairings

Gin aficionados, we know just where you should spend your year-end in good spirits. To celebrate its 5th anniversary, Ki No Bi Kyoto Dry Gin—the first craft gin made in Kyoto, Japan—has launched a month-long campaign in partnership with six outlets in the Klang Valley to offer unique ways to explore its range of gins.

From exclusive cocktails to omakase sets and pairing menus, each outlet will be offering special promotions running from now until February 2022. More on that later, but first—what makes this gin special, you ask? Allow us to share what we gathered from a recent intimate media masterclass session…

Love London dry gin? Try Kyoto’s version

For the uninitiated, Ki No Bi is Japan’s first craft gin that is distilled, blended, and bottled in Kyoto. The name ‘Ki No Bi’ is literally translated from Japanese to mean “The Beauty of the Seasons”—an ode to the 11 Japanese botanicals which are all locally sourced from Kyoto. The distillery categorises these botanicals into what it calls the ‘6 Elements’, which are:

  • Base(): A combination of juniper berry, orris, hinoki (Japanese cypress), which accounts for over half the ingredients and sets the tone for the overall taste profile
  • Citrus(): Yellow yuzu and lemon zest, lending citrus notes reminiscent of tart mandarin and lightly floral notes with undertones of sherbet and lemon sweets
  • Herbal(): Sansho pepper, offering a mildly spicy, oriental finish; and kinome leaves, elevating the aroma and flavour character of the spirit
  • Spice(): Ginger, adding a sharp and spicy kick
  • Fruity & Floral(): Red shiso leaves and bamboo leaves, giving the gin a floral touch
  • Tea(): Exceptional quality green tea (gyokuro) from the Uji region, which laces through the other distillates during the blending process and helps to bring harmony and balance to the blend

If you’re a fan of London dry gin, think of Ki No Bi as Kyoto’s version—distinguished by Japanese accents, especially yellow yuzu, hinoki, bamboo, and gyokuro tea. Instead of the usual wheat or barley, however, it uses a rice-based spirit that’s bottled at a high ABV of 45.7 per cent.

From left: Ki No Tea, Ki No Bi, and Ki No Bi Sei

Aside from the signature Ki No Bi, the core range also includes Ki No Tea and Ki No Bi Sei. Those who prefer a tea-forward gin will appreciate the Ki No Tea, which swaps out the herbal, spice, and fruity and floral elements in favour of stronger gyokuro and tencha flavours. On the other hand, Ki No Bi Sei retains the original six elements, but the final blend is bottled at the traditional Royal Navy strength of 54.5 per cent ABV for full-bodied flavour that still leaves a clean, harmonious finish.

Ki No Bi Go Kyoto Dry Gin

In conjunction with the brand’s fifth anniversary, Ki No Bi has also introduced the Ki No Bi Go Kyoto Dry Gin. The limited bottling is crafted from the same 11 regional botanicals, but with the use of Japanese red pine (‘akamatsu’) instead of hinoki as one of the base botanicals. It is also bottled at a higher strength of 50 per cent ABV to highlight the unique botanical qualities of the gin. To further mark the occasion, the Japanese word for five (‘Go’) and the fifth Anniversary message (‘五周年’) are embossed onto the label.

Alternatively, experience these exclusive cocktails and pairings

While you can purchase a bottle of Ki No Bi Kyoto Dry Gin at your nearest spirit and booze retailers any time (as long as they’re in stock), here’s where you should make a beeline to from now until February for exclusive promotions in conjunction with the brand’s fifth birthday:

1. Nobu Kuala Lumpur: Ki No Bi Cocktails

Sakura Negroni and Ki No Tea Lychee Lemongrass

When: 1 – 31 December 2021

  • Ki No Sei Grapefruit
  • Ki No Tea Lychee Lemongrass
  • Sakura Negroni

2. The Iron Fairies KL: Ki No Bi Cocktails

Ki No Bi Cocktails by The Iron Fairies KL

When: 1 December 2021 – 31 January 2022

Price: From RM55 nett

  • Tomoe Gozen feat. Ki No Bi Go
  • The Bushido
  • The Ochakumi

3. Hana Dining Sake Bar: Bottle Promotions with complimentary signature snacks

When: 6 December 2021 onwards


  • Ki No Bi with complimentary Lamb Saikoro (RM550++)
  • Ki No Bi Sei with complimentary Kuruma Ebi Motoyaki (RM620++)
  • Ki No Tea with complimentary Lamb Ponzu (RM670++)

4. Kogetsu, The Saujana Hotel: 5-course pairing menu

When: 1 December 2021 onward

Price: RM300++ per person inclusive of drinks

5. Uni Omakase: Omakase 8-course Menu

When: 4 – 31 December 2021

Price: RM680++ per person | RM880++ per person with drinks

6. Ho Shun: Ki No Bi Gin Pairing Menu

When: 10 January 2022 – 5 February 2022

Price: RM648++ (optional add-on of RM240 for Ki No Bi pairing)

For more information about Ki No Bi Kyoto Dry Gin, visit the website.

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