#InstaLove: Travel to Paris

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By Rachel Au

#InstaLove: Travel to Paris

It’s been a long week and with Paris Fashion Week in full swing, we can’t help but let our minds wander to the streets of the French city. Then again, regardless of whether PFW is happening or not, who doesn’t dream of visiting Paris from time to time, right? Lucky for these Paris-based photographers (and one writer), they’re living the dream and also taking gorgeous snaps of their surroundings for our viewing pleasure. Take notes because they feature some pretty cool spots.



Carin Olsson is a photographer who does work for luxury fashion brands such as Elie Saab and Chloe, and thus truly having a life most would be envious of. Apart from snapping the quaint corners around the city, her account would also take you behind the scenes of some of her photoshoots with brands as well as the runway shows that she gets invited to.

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Any picture taken in Paris would most likely be a beauty and that’s mostly thanks to the stunning architecture around the city. However, composition is everything and photographer Juan Jerez takes the most breathtaking photos with immense depth and strong colours; but with a soft touch to them. 

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Desserts and cafes are some of the things people love about Paris—and that includes food and travel writer Lindsey Tramuta. Three quarters of her feed feature delicious pastries and gorgeous restaurant interiors.

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