Paris Fashion Week AW16 culture guide

Paris Fashion Week AW16 culture guide


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We might not be able to quench your gastronomical appetite for neither food nor fashion, but that's what the Paris Fashion Week AW16 culture guide is all about, giving you 6 things to plan your fashion week experience around while you're there.

Paris, where both food and fashion mingle harmoniously with each other in this beautiful city. Here are some things to do if you're there during fashion week:


Mar - 4 Jul: Founding Myths - From Hercules to Darth Vader, The Louvre

An interesting combination of both ancient mythology mixed with popular cultural references today, such as Star Wars and Japanese animation. This exhibition ventures into the ideas and concepts of how these cultural references relate into modern ideas of these historical civilisations.

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2 Mar - The Barber of Seville, Opera Bastille

A famous piece of comedic opera, the story tells about how a barber named Figaro decides to help a nobleman win the woman of his desires. Not many might be fans of the opera, but this is a classic that certainly most can enjoy.

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4 March: Ave Maria & Four Seasons, La Madeleine Church

Both famous compositions by equally famous composers, Schubert and Vivaldi, I fully believe that one must listen to an orchestra at least once in their life before fully deciding to wane away from it or not. And what better way is there to start than to listen to classical music in the beautiful halls of the La Madeleine Church.

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6 Mar: Le Carnival des Femmes, Place Gambetta

While the concept of a woman's carnival might be foreign to me, it sure sounds like fun! Knights, Dragons and Squires is the theme for this year's Seventh Annual Woman's Carnival and people who join the festive events are encouraged to dress up, whether man or woman.

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Throughout March - Chocolate & Pastry Walking Tour

A tour like this is a necessary evil (or pleasure) for all those chocolate addicts out there. I mean, who wouldn't want to spend a day eating their fill of cakes and chocolates from a place that is renowned for them. To ease a bit of that binging guilt, there will also be a walking tour in the afternoon to burn some of that sugar out of your system.

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All-year: Paris-in-One-Day Sightseeing Tour

For those of us who wish to get the most of sights in Paris without having the time, why not take this one day sightseeing tour that highlights some of the best parts of Paris. With a local guide to show you around, you won't have to fret about even the most basic communication problems.

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