#InstaLove: Stylish fitspiration

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By Rachel Au

#InstaLove: Stylish fitspiration

How are your New Year’s resolutions coming along? As January comes to a close, it’s time to keep the spirit going and if it’s starting to waver, we found a couple of #fitspo girls whose Instagram accounts are brimming with amazing abs, stylish workout gear, delicious-looking yet healthy foods and more. After all, a picture paints a thousand words—especially words of motivation. 



A health and fitness blogger, Carly’s bubbly personality is practically bursting from her Instagram profile page. Featuring a good mix of witty yet motivational quotes, yummy yet healthy foods, and tricky yet stylish workout pictures, it’s hard to not feel motivated by her infectious fun energy.

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Feeling a little lost when it comes to fitness? Faya Nilsson is a London-based Swedish personal trainer whose exercise and healthy eating tips that accompany (almost) every post is as educational as her fit-spirational pictures. 

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Who said trainers are just made of tough stuff and hot sweat? Hallie Wilson is a Nike trainer, SoulCycle instructor and lifestyle blogger who also adores sweet pastels in her outfits on her off-duty days. That being said, her workout gear may look minimalistic but you’ll find her shoe game always on point. 

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