ICYMI: #BestofBuro (16 – 22 Oct 2017)

ICYMI: #BestofBuro (16 – 22 Oct 2017)

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Text: Gwen Ong

On our radar: Korean street style at Seoul Fashion Week, cult beauty brand Glossier and SS18 supersized earrings


Buro 24/7 Malaysia: #YouLookDisgusting – a vlogger's fight back against beauty shaming. London-based Em Ford, who blogs on MyPaleSkin, faced up to her haters after they left harsh comments on her transformation videos following her bout with adult acne. She tells us how the experience has shaped her and how she's using her voice to affect change.

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Buro 24/7 Singapore: Even if you don't speak Korean, you'd know that the Koreans are one stylish lot. Catch our street style capture featuring the cool kids in sharp suits, band tees, colourful prints and more as we take on Seoul Fashion Week. Check this post daily for updates.

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Buro 24/7 Middle East: Cult beauty brand, Glossier has come a long way since its inception three years ago. We speak to the founder Emily Weiss on her beauty empire, out-of-the-box skincare solutions and the Glossier girl. The interview can be found here

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Buro 24/7 Malaysia: If you can't tell, we're still pouring over the upcoming trends highlighted at the recent Spring-Summer 2018 fashion week. One of it would be the supersized earrings spotted on the runway. Talk about making a statement! See what it's all about here.

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Buro 24/7 Australia: It's no surprises that eating a plant-based diet filled with lots of leafy greens, crunchy new garden veggies and in-season fruit is good for health. Now add one more benefit to going green. Leading Aussie GP Dr Zac Turner gives us an insight into this and shares tips on how you can make a difference in your life.

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