Celebrating moments with Hennessy

Let the good times roll


By Su Fen Tan

Celebrating moments with Hennessy

2018 brings a brand new year of celebrations to look forward to, from birthdays and festivities, to special moments and milestone achievements. If you’re looking to throw a party soon, follow this golden recipe for a good time: With stellar company and great conversations, laughs and good vibes all around are abound. Better still, add a side of Hennessy to the equation—you can always count on everyone’s favourite cognac to kickstart the party.  

The undisputed king of cognacs, Hennessy rightfully earns the crown with its commitment to excellence and legacy of over 250 years. But within its rich traditions also lies a bold and modern spirit. Take the recent Hennessy Very Special (V.S) Limited Edition collaboration with JonOne for example, which features the renown street artist’s signature colourful and vivid artwork on the custom-designed bottle.

Whether your cognac of choice is the popular V.S, the harmonious blend of V.S.O.P, or the elegant and complex X.O, expect smooth, full-bodied, and intense flavours with a long-lasting finish. Is it any wonder Hennessy is the go-to cognac for parties and celebrations?

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Here, we’ve gathered five personalities—Tong Bing Yu, Lynn Lim, Pauline Tan, Jeffrey Cheng and Wind Lee—for a home party with a little help from Hennessy. Watch the good times unfold:


Hosting a home party soon? Here are two Hennessy cocktails (as seen in the video) you can easily whip up and serve: 

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Videography: Octopost Studio
Photography: Dedy/All Is Amazing
Art Direction: Yi Suen Chong
Styling: Alyssa Lee
Text and concept: Su Fen Tan
Hair: Cody Chua
Makeup: Cat Yong

On Bing Yu: Top from Miss Selfridge, skirt from Warehouse; on Jeffrey: Top and pants from Topman; on Lynn: Dress, her own; on Wind: Top from Burton Menswear London, jeans, his own; on Pauline: Jumpsuit from Warehouse.

Shot on location at The Westin KL. 

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