Giorgio Armani premieres the second edition of Films of City Frames

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By Buro247

Giorgio Armani premieres the second edition of Films of City Frames

Yesterday saw the debut of the second edition of Giorgio Armani’s Films of City Frames initiative in London. In conjunction with the 59th BFI London Film Festival, the four short films were presented at a private screening hosted by Academy Award winning actress Dame Helen Mirren along with Roberta Amani at BFI Southbank.

Films of City Frames takes you through the minds of some of the most promising students from four international film schools: Scuola Holden in Turin, Italy; Academia Internacional de Cinema in Sao Paulo, Brazil; Sydney Film School in Sydney, Australia; and Seoul Institute of Arts in Seoul, Korea.

As the project delves deep into Giorgio Armani’s strong relationship with the world of film, Films of City Frames was built around the Frames of Life eyewear collection. Tasked with creating this series of short films, these emerging talents capture emotions and stories about real-life situations through film, as their characters go about their daily lives.

The glasses from the Frames of Life collection tie each of these stories together, although each film takes place in their respective home cities. As the characters on screen observe their realities through these glasses, it is through these Frames of Life that feelings and experiences are captured, each in their own unique way. Watch the trailer below: 

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