Gifts for your significant other before the wedding

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By Buro247

Gifts for your significant other before the wedding

Perhaps you recently got proposed to or you’re in the midst of planning a wedding – despite the crazy arragements and process of it all, here are some gifts you can get your significant other before the wedding as a thoughtful gesture. 


Often underestimated, cufflinks can add little details that set someone apart from the crowd. Cufflinks come in many shapes, colours and styles, ranging from multicolour circles and squares to simple tones in animal shapes. From subtle to quirky, there are endless possibilities to choose from. Personalized ones like this pair shows that a man puts thought into his outfit choices. 


Blue is a very symbolic colour to weddings for centuries. Brides wore blue in ancient Rome to symbolize love, modesty and fidelity. In addition to that, the colour blue gives a hint of vintage and modern look to include the happy hue in your wedding as well. Perhaps a gift of jewellery piece with some sparkle to accessorize your bride’s outfit on the wedding day. 


As a tradition with engagements, men have always proposed to their brides with stunning rings that are shown off to friends both in awe (and perhaps to provoke jealousy). In return of that gorgeous stone you glamorously get to show off, ladies, a timepiece is definitely a gift you can consider getting your significant other – not only will it complement his outfit but it also signifies the lifetime you want to spend with him.


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The perfect pair

Despite it being only one night out of the rest of your life, walking your bride down the aisle in her dream pair of shoes in comfort and style, this would be a win – win for her and for her feet. Whether you’re looking for a specific style such as peep toes, pumps or the perfect heel height, you want her to look good and feel good from head to toe without being in shoe or feet hell. 



Just like with places, books and songs, fragrance too does the magic of rekindling moments of the past with nostalgic sentiments. Our sense of smell is one of our most powerful senses and links directly to our memory, so by wearing something unique for the wedding, the bride and groom will have a scent that for years to come will remind them specifically of their celebration – simply because every special moment is worth taking a trip down memory lane.

For her: Gucci, Bloom. Floral, as the name suggests, this bottle would be perfect if you’re having a garden theme or wedding in Spring. This fragrance is fresh, light and just the right notch of sweetness that will not knock your groom dizzy.

For him: Atelier Cologne, Café Tuberosa. This scent is one that leaves an impression of its own. The unique vanilla espresso combo keeps us sniffing for more without being too pungent at a whiff. Blended with hints of grounded coffee and a dash of tangerine, this is an easy going scent, ready for whatever the day might bring

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