Fight Club’s author Chuck Palahniuk releasing adult colouring book

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By Gwen Ong

Fight Club’s author Chuck Palahniuk releasing adult colouring book

Nearly 20 years since his award-winning novel Fight Club made its debut, Palahniuk is releasing his own colouring book for adults titled Bait: Off-Color Stories For You To Color.

It will feature a collection of eight short stories illustrated in black and white by artists such as Lee Bermejo (whose work can be seen on Mad Max: Fury Road and several Batman comics), Kirbi Fagan, Duncan Fegredo (known for Hellboy), Alise Gluskova, Joelle Jones, Steve Moris, Tony Puryear and Marc Scheff. As with any Chuck Palahniuk’s titles, expect bizarre tales that will be paired with nearly 50 pieces of original illustration designed for readers to colour in.

Initial teaser reveals that the stories revolve around offbeat scenarios such as an animal coaxing a statement out of a fish that witnessed a political assassination, a girl’s involvement with an extinction-level event, a Hollywood star facing a viral Internet campaign, etc.

“Maybe between your colours, the artists’ designs, and my stories, we can create something that endures,” Palahnuik said. “Something worth keeping. Let’s create a well-bound book that can sit on any shelf and be available for a new generation to discover and enjoy.”

Bait: Off-Color Stories For You To Color is scheduled to be released this October 2016. 


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