5 Reasons why you should have your next event at Attic Studio in TTDI

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By Aria Nadkarni

5 Reasons why you should have your next event at Attic Studio in TTDI

In recent years, you may have heard the phrase ‘creative space’ thrown around quite loosely, and wondered to yourself what that even means. In essence, a creative space is a neutral environment that facilitates creative work; these spaces provide room and the freedom for creatives to produce, express and showcase their artistic endeavours. One such creative space—a relatively new addition to the industry, having just opened in January 2021—is Attic Studio, in TTDI.

The passion project of visionary Uzair Muzamir, Attic Studio is one of KL’s newest multi-purpose creative spaces for rent. With so many options available on the market, you might wonder what sets Attic Studio, a comparatively quaint space, apart. Uzair explains that “Attic Studio is designed to [resemble] a home, where people would feel comfortable in, be it for photoshoots or birthday celebrations. Plus, we DIY our props and furniture, which makes them unique”.

If you need more convincing, that’s what we’re here for—in this list, we’re giving you five reasons why you should have your next event at Attic Studio.

1. The honest vision behind it

When asked about his inspiration behind starting Attic Studio, founder Uzair told us it was “to provide a physical creative space where local artisans, artists, photographers and makeup artists can gather, work, inspire and connect with each other.” To some, KL’s creative scene may seem obscure or difficult to pinpoint, but Attic Studio’s aim is to create an accessible hub where creatives and non-creatives alike can coexist.


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2. When they say multipurpose, they really mean it

Traditionally, a creative space is a venue for creatives alike to collaborate artistically, and while Attic Studio does indeed provide an aesthetically appealing location for videography, conceptual shoots and small workshops, at its core it is a living space. That may just be what sets it apart from other creative spaces—you don’t have to be an artist or any kind of creative producer in order to utilise this space to its maximum capacity. In fact, Attic Studio has acted as a venue for solemnization events, birthday parties, and even bridal showers in the past—the opportunities are limitless.

Other than photoshoots and events, we collaborate with other businesses, mostly freelance chefs and bakers, to take over the kitchen and host a dinner pop-up or a bake sale.”—Uzair Muzamir, founder of Attic Studio


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3. It’s intimate—whether it’s for a small shoot or a romantic dinner for two, they’ve got you covered

Something that Attic Studio’s 1,400 sq ft size inadvertently generates is a sense of intimacy. Considering social distancing and other restrictions, the space can comfortably house 30 people under its roof—large enough for an intimate gathering with friends or a modestly-sized photoshoot crew. Without restrictions, the possibilities are pretty limitless. In fact, recently Attic Studio hosted a campaign with Uniqlo for Hari Raya and Chinese New Year, which was definitely a far more commercially-sized shoot. During your rental period, the studio is also completely private, so you don’t need to worry about unwanted visitors intruding on your get-together or photoshoot.


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4. It’s a unique, eclectic space

A large part of preparing for a shoot is the set-up and environment. Even if you’re just hosting a small get-together, the furnishing and decor is a large part of creating that ambience. With Attic Studio, you don’t need to worry about any of that: your booking includes in-studio props like a Balinese rattan chair and a statement green velvet sofa in the lounge. One of the largest advantages of the place is its lush greenery; from small succulents to verdant potted plants, Attic Studio manages to be chic and aesthetic without feeling sterile. Definitely favourable for prospective photoshoots, Attic Studio further boasts a variety of backdrops you can photograph over, such as rich sienna drapes and a wood panel wall, well lit by the natural sunlight streaming through the windows, or by coloured mood lighting if you prefer. Attic Studio is also equipped with a lounge, balcony, courtyard, photoshoot area, and a conveniently placed makeup station.


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5. You don’t have to commit just yet

Thinking about hosting that event but don’t want to commit to Attic Studio quite yet? Book an appointment. The Attic team is more than ready to show you around their space and answer any questions you might have. Additionally, you can head to their website to get a quote and check for availability as prices may vary.

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