Ernest Zacharevic has a bus chopped in half for his latest installation

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Ernest Zacharevic has a bus chopped in half for his latest installation

A young Lithuanian-born artist has ended up on the streets of Malaysia; and he’s done it in the best way possible. The works of Ernest Zacharevic—or more fondly, Zach—have become a familiar feature, both in the art scene and the scenery around us.


For his latest masterpiece, Zacharevic has chosen our capital city, Kuala Lumpur as the site of one of his largest installations to date. Months of planning and the efforts of many helping hands culminated in a single weekend where the independent project, ‘Rage Against the Machine’, was constructed and brought to life.

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The outcome: a full-sized school bus, chopped in half and fixed to a wall with a group of kids in uniform monkeying about around it.



Making George Town, Penang his base and canvas, Zacharevic’s brand of lively and soulful street art has given new life to many a weary wall—captivating audiences from near and far. In fact, his murals are listed amongst the top things to check out on a trip to the island. Zachaerevic often incorporates the existing surroundings into his murals, which then create opportunities for realistic interaction with the audience.


Catch the bus at 12-14 Jalan Sultan, Kuala Lumpur to hop on the hype mobile.


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