Dippy, the dinosaur leaves its London museum home

Bye, again


By Gwen Ong

Dippy, the dinosaur leaves its London museum home

For many years, the towering replica of Dippy has stood tall at the entrance of the Natural History Museum, welcoming visitors to discover the fascinating artefacts that lie within.

If you’ve been to the museum, you’ll understand the majestic feeling and sense of wonderment that the 21.3-metre long and 4.25-metre high Dippy evokes. Over 90 million people have made acquaintance with Dippy after industrialist Andrew Carnegie presented it to the museum in 1905.

This week, the 292-bone plastic skeleton was dismantled to make way for the 25.2-metre long real skeleton of a blue whale. This marks the end of Dippy’s illustrious career. But it will not be the last we’ll see of the dinosaur as it will go on a two-year tour around Britain from early 2018 onwards before being preserved as a bronze statue in the museum gardens. 



Follow the National History Museum of London for more information on where Dippy will be touring to.


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