#DeviceFreeDinner message hits home with Will Ferrell

Timely reminder


By Gwen Ong

#DeviceFreeDinner message hits home with Will Ferrell


Have you noticed how the dinner table has become a silent affair? Look around and any group of diners seem to connect more with their phones rather than each other or even their food. This has unfortunately become a norm in many cultures. Both adults and kids are guilty of spending too much time on their smartphones.


In a PSA campaign that is hitting home, Will Ferrell is playing the role of a dad who can’t seem to put his phone down. He’s too busy checking out cat filters and ‘liking’ posts from friends to his family’s dismay. Sounds all too familiar?


The campaign is developed by Common Sense Media, a non-profit organisation that believes amazing things can happen when families choose to keep their devices off the table. The #DeviceFreeDinner initiative encourages families to go back to the basics and talk to each other. A timely reminder we say! 


See all the PSA series below:



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