What’s in the BURO x Gamuda Gardens Virtual Run 2021 run pack


By Buro Malaysia

What’s in the BURO x Gamuda Gardens Virtual Run 2021 run pack

Starting the first step towards a healthy and sustainable lifestyle is easier than you might think, but it doesn’t hurt when you get extra goodies with it. We’ve already answered all your FAQs—including how to sign up—about the BURO x Gamuda Gardens Virtual Run 2021 here. Now, let’s go into a little more detail on what’s in the run pack when you sign up!

A Puma (BURO x Gamuda Gardens ‘Make A Difference’ Virtual Run 2021) shirt

What’s a run without a T-shirt to commemorate, except we’re working with Puma for an exclusive BURO x Gamuda Gardens ‘Make A Difference’ Virtual Run 2021 shirt. You can rest assured that it’ll be a worthy workout top for all your future runs! Not to mention, there are three colours to choose from.

A medal

If you haven’t had the opportunity to work out as much during the partial lockdown, it’s always good to start off slow and easy when you get back into running. So, we’ve set the minimum distance for this virtual run to 15km, and you can do it anytime, anywhere—as long as it’s within the running period (18 October – 18 November). Yes, you can rack up 5km on one day and 10km, another. As long as you complete a total of 15km, you will be entitled to a medal.

Meeco RM20 voucher


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The name ‘Meeco’ is actually a combination of ‘make everyday easy co.”. For the unfamiliar, you’ll find aesthetically pleasing lifestyle items ranging from Instagrammable tableware to colourful bath essentials to nature-friendly household cleaning products. Take your pick from their website with this handy voucher!

Skincode RM100 voucher

We can’t go to Switzerland just yet, but you can treat your skin to innovative beauty products that have been infused with Swiss skincare expertise and dermatological research. Skincode promises visible results, especially catering to those with sensitive skin.

A can of Celsius Fitness Drink


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Healthy drinks can taste good while delivering energy to your body, the right way. Celsius fitness drink is formulated with green tea extracts, guarana seeds, taurine and ginger extracts, all of which can help accelerate metabolism and burn body fat. Did we mention it comes with delicious flavours like ‘sparking orange’ and ‘peach mango green tea’?

A can of Heineken 0.0*

A malt beverage with zero alcohol? Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it, and you can with a complementary can in your run pack. You’ll find the same refreshing fruity notes and soft malty body, blended with natural flavours. The difference is that the alcohol has been removed till it’s less than 0.03 per cent.

*The can of Heineken 0.0 will only be available to participants who are aged 21 years and above and non-muslim.

The first 500 sign-ups: 1x Bisou Mon Cheri Hand Sanitizer

Even if you are fully vaccinated, the same safety measures should still be practised, such as wearing a mask and sanitising your hands. The first 500 people who sign up for the BURO x Gamuda Gardens Virtual Run will be entitled to a Bisou Mon Cheri Hand Sanitizer. It comes in a series of colours from the rainbow and a pocket-friendly size. With 75 per cent of alcohol, it’s also fast-drying, non-sticky, smells great and moisturises hands too.

Participants who visit Gamuda Gardens: A Starbucks coffee



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