Buro Tries: Roasting a turkey with Ben Yong and Fay Khoo

The BIG way


By Rachel Au

Buro Tries: Roasting a turkey with Ben Yong and Fay Khoo

Who doesn’t love turkey for Christmas? While there will be countless restaurants you can have your festive dinner with a delicious plate of turkey slices—with cranberry sauce on top and stuffing on the side—as the star of the meal, it’s a whole different story if you were to make one from scratch at home—a story that will certainly be shared among all your friends and loved ones. But even if you don’t wish to embark on that path, surely you must wonder how do you even start with cooking it? We, along with resident columnist Fay Khoo, enlisted the help of Benjamin Yong, founder of The BIG Group, to give us the answer and show us the ropes of roasting a turkey.

Watch the video below for the rundown, the tips, and Ben Yong’s sharing of how Christmas turkeys (and meals) are done at his family’s home. 


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