At your desk: Nobu To-Go

At your desk: Nobu To-Go

A fancy lunch

Pressed for time during your lunch hour? Try Nobu To-Go’s lunch boxes.

From today onwards, those lucky enough to work in the vicinity of Nobu will be able to enjoy their brand new line of lunches. Packaged in elegant bento boxes, Nobu's tasty offerings can be enjoyed right at the consumers desks. Nobu To-Go consists of simple yet flavourful meals such as the Bara Chirashi with Butter Lettuce Salad and the Tiger Shrimp Tosazu with Sushi Roll. 


Customers can expect the same level of sophistication in the Nobu To-Go boxes that are made with the freshest ingredients. At the moment, Nobus does not offer delivery services and Nobu To-Go is only available for pick-ups and as with most lunch services, orders must be placed one day before the pick-up. 



To order, call 03-2164 5084. Nobu. Level 56, Menara 3, Petronas, Persiaran Kuala Lumpur City Centre, 50088 Malaysia.