The Academy Museum of Motion Pictures is set to open in 2019 after 90 years

Long awaited


By Gwen Ong

The Academy Museum of Motion Pictures is set to open in 2019 after 90 years


The idea was first mooted more than 90 years ago and finally it looks like Hollywood will be getting its own museum after all. The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences – the organisation that awards the Oscars – will be making the museum a reality this 2019. The complex is estimated to occupy a space of 27,000-square-metre over six floors and will cost US$388 million to complete.


The ambitious project will include an education studio, a 1,000-seat theatre and a rooftop space with a rounded glass sphere that provides panoramic views of Los Angeles and Hollywood Hills. Visitors will get to experience the magic of cinema and learn all about filmmaking process. The Academy Museum of Motion Pictures will get to tap into the Academy’s massive archive of scripts, artefacts, tech objects, some 50,000 posters and more than 12 million photos.


Among the artefacts that you will get to see: the Ruby Slippers from The Wizard of Oz, items from the Shirley Temple collection, a full sized shark model used in Jaws, a creature head from Alien and handmade characters from Coraline and ParaNorman to name a few. 

Get first look at the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures from the renderings below:

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