6 Things you should do before going on a long car ride

Be ultra prepared


By Rachel Au

6 Things you should do before going on a long car ride

Driving on the road for five to seven (more or less) hours is already taxing and tiring enough—avoid making the trip any more stressful by being in tip top condition for both avoiding any mishaps and to be prepared for any unforeseen circumstances. Check out the basic list of things you should check on below!


1. Do a quick car check

Having a full tank of petrol isn’t the only thing you need to ensure about your car before driving off. From engine oil to brake fluids to the radiator coolant, check (and fill up) all the fluids in your car to help you avoid any accidents or unnecessary breakdown. Apart from that, make sure your headlights work and your tires are properly inflated and have sufficient thread on them. 


2. Reload your Touch ‘n Go

No one likes to be stuck in a jam or a toll queue—avoid having any time wasted by topping up your Touch ‘n Go. 


3. Check on the traffic updates

Traffic can be unpredictable; even though we all have a rough idea of how it can be according to the time of the day or day of the week. It never hurts to be extra sure; so whether it’s via Waze or Twitter (@KLTrafficUpdate is a pretty good account to follow), check them out before driving onto the highway. 


4. Charge your phone and power banks… 

And be sure to bring a phone cable to plug into your car as well. As mentioned, traffic can be unpredictable and the idea of being stuck in traffic or in the middle of nowhere with a dead cellphone is horrid; not because you can’t check Facebook but in the event you need to call for help or use Waze for directions. 


5. Pack enough water and snacks

Of course, there are rest stops. But if you want to save time, it’s best to stock your car up with sufficient bottles of water and light snacks. That, and again, in case you get stuck in a standstill jam for an hour or more. 


6. Prepare an upbeat playlist or audiobook

Some music or an interesting podcast/audiobook will always be appreciated on a road trip—especially if you’re driving back alone and need something to help you stay awake, alert and entertained on a long dull ride. If you don’t have the time to put together some songs to listen on the road, why not vet through some of our Buro 24/7 Malaysia Playlists?


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