Everything you need to know about the new generation of Scrambler Ducati

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By Aina Nur Sarah

Everything you need to know about the new generation of Scrambler Ducati

The Scrambler Ducati’s universe of freedom, fun and self-expression has expanded. 

Introducing a new generation of Scrambler Ducati that retains the same spirit with a fresh design to give enthusiasts better riding pleasure. This beloved, easy-to-ride motorcycle now comes in an eye-catching, modern style that can be customised to fit user preferences. The Next-Gen Scrambler solidifies the belief that simplicity and authenticity have always represented essential values for all Scrambler Ducati enthusiasts. 



The new generation of Scrambler has retained its iconic design while elevating distinct elements to a more contemporary style.

Its Daytime Running Lights (DRL) have been tapered and are now sharper for a modern and elegant look with fully LED front headlights that maintain the iconic “X”. The redesigned steel tank is now made with anodised aluminium covers that gives the Next-Gen Scrambler a renewed front. The twin-cylinder Desmodue engine also has a new clutch with the alternator featuring the “X” logo, and its belt covers are now more refined to fit the bike’s new style. 

Furthermore, the modern classic look is highlighted with an eye-catching 4.3-inch TFT display on the dashboard. Its multimedia system lets you stay connected—just pair your phone and you can manage different apps via the handlebar controls.



The new Scrambler is now lighter by 4kg, making it more manageable and easy to ride. This is all thanks to the new lightened trellis frame, an all-new swingarm with a shock absorber repositioned towards the centre of the bike, and an updated Desmodue engine that’s about 2.5kg lighter than the previous generation. It is also equipped with a new eight-disc clutch for a softer pull.

Fun and safety is never compromised with the Ride-by-Wire throttle management. This makes the engine response ready at every opening angle of the throttle, while remaining progressive and easy to manage at all RPMs. There are two riding modes available: Sport and Road. The Sports mode allows the engine to go at full capacity, while the Road mode is designed for carefree riding, with a smoother throttle response and a traction control calibration that leans more towards stability and safety. 

The Next-Gen Scrambler Ducati comes in three variations—the Icon, the Full Throttle, and the Nightshift.



The model that’s the epitome of a Scrambler, The Icon represents Ducati’s excellence. 

It is customisable to fit user preferences with new interchangeable tank covers. There are three base colours to choose from, the ’62 Yellow, Thrilling Black, and Ducati Red; then, to spice it up, users can pick one out of the six different colours of the cover kit to change its look. 

In addition, its redesigned seat is now more tapered and streamlined to give the rider more comfort, while the revised handlebar is lower and closer to the rider to provide greater control of the bike. The Icon’s look is perfected with black under-seat side panels adorned with Scrambler graphics.



With the most elegant model in the Next-Gen range, you will be riding stealthily through the night. The Scrambler Nightshift is defined by its classic details like the saddle that’s meticulously stitched in a dark leather shade, and the mix of glossy and matte surfaces. It combines the sportiness of the Full Throttle with a more refined design. 

For a sleeker look, the bike features side number plates, a minimal front fender, rear fender removal, black finishes for the aluminium aesthetic details and compact LED turn signals. Not only that, but its sophisticated design is taken to the next level with wheels that are now completely black.



The sportiest model in the Next-Gen range, the Scrambler Full Throttle is inspired by U.S. flat track competitions on dirt ovals. Heads will turn when you ride through the streets as the Full Throttle features a skid plate that gives a grittier aesthetic, while the sides bear the number 62, which was the debut year of the first Scrambler Ducati.

Elsewhere, the Full Throttle’s athletic design is defined by the sporty seat, the dedicated livery in GP19 Red/Dark Stealth, and the black finish of the exhaust heat shields and front side covers which add to that gritty bike aesthetic. 


All three variations of the Next-Gen Scrambler are showcased at Ducati Malaysia showrooms nationwide. The Scrambler Icon is priced at RM62,900, while the Scrambler Full Throttle and Scrambler Nightshift are priced at RM69,900.

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