Let the MINI Countryman Roof Art Edition take you on the Art of Adventure

Self-expression in motion


By Natalie Khoo

Let the MINI Countryman Roof Art Edition take you on the Art of Adventure

What happens when you let a local multidisciplinary artist lend his creativity to the stylish MINI Countryman? Answer: A colourful ride that fuses art and adventure. That’s the new MINI Countryman Roof Art Edition for you—recently unveiled by MINI Malaysia in collaboration with Jared Lim, or more fondly known by his moniker, Professional Crayon. 

Lim drew inspiration from the beauty of Malaysia’s natural flora, creating a unique ‘Foliage’ design for the exclusive edition of the beloved MINI Countryman. The resulting artwork reflects our vibrant local culture, while expressing the adventurous spirit of the compact premium automotive brand. 

Take a closer look at the MINI Countryman Roof Art Edition and find out how it embodies the Art of Adventure below.


A moving work of art

Embracing self-expression, Professional Crayon’s stunning Foliage masterpiece adorns the cabin top on the MINI Countryman Roof Art Edition—portraying a rich tapestry of Malaysian flora while subtly framing the distinctive emblems of MINI. For instance, the iconic wings of the brand’s logo are intricately weaved into the composition, representing freedom and speed—two elements that are synonymous with adventure.

Meanwhile, the bejewelled heart at the centre encapsulates MINI’s classic Union Jack tail lights, paying respect to the brand’s roots. Underneath it, you’ll find a speedometer and a compass leading the adventurer’s pursuit of novel experiences. Elsewhere, a hibiscus and tidal waves poetically emerge amidst the leaves—alluding to the exciting encounters that await along the journey.

Apart from the abstract artwork, the Roof Art Edition preserves all adventure-ready features of the MINI Countryman. These include the MINI ALL4 Exterior Optic—which comprises decorative elements on the front and rear bumpers—and the Piano Black Exterior, which accentuates the car’s striking appearance with a sleek high-gloss black finish around the headlight and rear light surrounds, radiator grille and side scuttle.

 The chic interior of the MINI Countryman Roof Art Edition also remains familiar to loyal fans of the brand. There’s the MINI Yours Illuminated cockpit in Shaded Silver, along with Dark Silver door bezels and Hazy Grey elements that are complemented by the Satellite Grey Headliner and Leather Cross Punch in Carbon Black for a comfortable ride even when taking on rugged terrains. Meanwhile, the steering wheel comes in the iconic MINI Yours Walknappa Leather, embellished with the classic Union Jack insignia at its base.

To complete the alluring design, the MINI Countryman Roof Art Edition will be available in three stunning colours: British Racing Green, Chilli Red and Island Blue. All variants will be offered in limited quantities for an exclusive MINI ownership experience.


Made for adventure

Powering fun escapades with the MINI Countryman Roof Art Edition is a two-litre MINI TwinPower Turbo engine that produces 192 hp and 280 Nm of torque. It’s capable of performing the century sprint in 7.5 seconds with a top speed of 226 km/h—providing a thrill behind the wheel wherever you go. This is paired with a 7-Speed Dual Clutch Sports Automatic Transmission to achieve extremely fast gear change in Sports driving mode, offering a smooth yet exhilarating drive. On the other hand, the coasting function helps to optimise fuel efficiency in Green and Mid driving modes.

Whether you’re navigating through the colourful streets of Chinatown, cruising along the paddy fields in Sekinchan or simply driving pass familiar roads and landmarks in the city, the agile yet versatile MINI Countryman Roof Art Edition is well-equipped for all kinds of explorations.

Safety isn’t compromised thanks to the car’s Driving Assistant system, which provides digital high-beam assistance, speed limit information, as well as pedestrian warning and approach control warning with light city braking function. This not only alerts the driver but also activates the brakes when necessary within a speed range of 10 km/h to 60 km/h, ensuring greater peace of mind on the road.

In addition, the MINI Countryman Roof Art Edition is well-equipped with an advanced infotainment system to take on any road trip. Among its features include the 5-inch digital instrument cluster behind the steering wheel, paired with an 8.8-inch touchscreen display that seamlessly integrates navigation, audio controls, hazard light buttons, and driver assistance into its circular control unit. Plus, the Head Up Display makes it easier for the driver to stay focused, whilst the 12-speaker Harman Kardon HiFi Loudspeaker System provides entertainment for the journey.

With additional conveniences such as Keyless Go, Comfort Access with Easy Opener, and the automatic tailgate operation, owners can easily stow their getaway essentials in the vehicle and hit the road fuss-free! 

Simply put, the MINI Countryman Roof Art Edition literally shouts adventure from its rooftop—through the abstract craft of a local artist—down to all the well-loved features of the iconic model. So, when you drive one home, you’ll be embarking on the Art of Adventure with a touch of Malaysian pride.


The MINI Countryman Roof Art Edition is priced at RM 264,888. For more information, visit this website. To make a booking, click here.



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