#BuroBossGirl: Interview with Agak Agak founders Ili Sulaiman and Basira Yeusuff

#BuroBossGirl: Interview with Agak Agak founders Ili Sulaiman and Basira Yeusuff

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Text: Rachel Au

Ili Sulaiman reveals she made Basira Yeusuff (and the whole team) take a personality test before starting Agak Agak. Find out what other stories these two #BuroBossGirls have to share in the video below!

Fact: We Malaysians are very serious about our food. Because of this immensely strong love, the culinary scene here is rich, vibrant and evergrowing with promising local talent. Two amazing chefs who have made their mark in town are Basira Yeusuff of Root Cellar KL and Ili Sulaiman of Dish by Ili—two individuals who met at a work event and became fast friends, and now business partners. But Agak Agak is more than just a restaurant with good food. It's an inspiring social initiative that's modelled after Jamie Oliver's Fifteen where underprivileged youngsters are mentored for a career in the F&B industry. In one year, they'll learn everything from cooking to kitchen service to sales and marketing. 


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Besides changing the lives of these youths, these two #BossGirls wanted to change the public's perception about the F&B industry—that it is a noble profession. Agak Agak opened its doors in October 2016, using money from the two foodpreneurs' own pockets. For the initiative, they relied on crowdfunding. The response was supremely positive but as the space is small, they could only take in four people 'per intake'. However, during our interview, the girls mentioned there are plans to open a second branch possibly in 2018 though with a different name.

#BuroBossGirl: Interview with Agak Agak founders Ili Sulaiman and Basira Yeusuff (фото 1)

We wanted to drive the two #BuroBossGirls to lunch at Sitka but as Basira was psyched to see the BMW 330e Series Plug-in Hybrid and wanted to take the wheel, we thought, why not? Watch the video below to find out their backstory, how they can efficiently juggle multiple businesses and more.

Tune in next Wednesday for the last episode of #BuroBossGirl. For more info on Agak Agak, visit their website, Instagram and Facebook.


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