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Your next indulging treat – a special sushi omakase by Nobu KL


By Gwen Ong

Your next indulging treat – a special sushi omakase by Nobu KL


An omakase is often regarded as an artistic performance by the chef. Well, there is a new artist in town at Nobu Kuala Lumpur and his name is Chef Michael Anung Dator or better known as Chef Chico. As we welcome the arrival of the new sushi chef, get ready to sit down for a palatable experience with the introduction of its special sushi omakase. Chef Chico brings with him 11 years of experience through stints in Nobu Lanai, Hawaii and Nobu Malibu. You know you’re in good hands as he has prepared a tantalising menu that showcases his Nobu journey thus far.




At a recent tasting session of the special sushi bar omakase, we had a chance to preview a variety of dishes including sushi, soup and sweet dessert under the skilled hands of Chef Chico. The 10-course omakase started with a sushi bar moriawase to whet our appetite with fresh catch of the day – a selection of yellowtail sashimi with jalapeno and yuzu soya sauce; red snapper sashimi with dry miso, yuzu, olive oil and garlic chips; and also blue fin tuna with wasabi salsa and ponzu sauce. This trio of fresh sashimi was interesting in its mix of flavours and textures.




Next up, sushi time! We were served whitefish with lemon juice and sea salt, and then, toro tartar with caviar as well as Nobu-style sushi cup with uni served on a bed of rice topped with roe. Each presented beautifully by Chef Chico, who was swift with his execution and animated in his explanation throughout each course. The beauty of an omakase is the opportunity to interact with the chef at helm and appreciate the dishes he presents with passion. Chef Chico was definitely in his element.

From the kitchen, the Chilean sea bass with umami, marinated with vegetables for 7 hours, soya salts and crispy chips was a delicious and creative dish to enjoy, as with the unagi avocado roll. The somen clear soup with noodles too warmed the soul as we slurp the tasty broth as we reached the end of the omakase experience. Dessert came in a bento box with chocolate and green tea ice cream. Safe to say we left Nobu Kuala Lumpur that day with happy smiles and full tummy.


Nobu Kuala Lumpur’s special sushi bar omakase is priced at RM388+ and it is only available for dinner on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Limited to only 11 guests per session. For reservations, call +603-2164 5084 or WhatsApp 019-389 5085.


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