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Taking dinner to new heights: Dinner in the Sky

Up, up, and away


By Buro247

Taking dinner to new heights: Dinner in the Sky

Dinner in the Sky officially launched their month-long run over the weekend and we got to experience it first-hand. Here’s what to expect.


Upon arriving at KL Tower, we found a tent set up next to the crane and dining table. The safety crew made their final checks at the table to ensure that we will be elevated smoothly while Chef Marc Fery from Hilton KL was preparing the ingredients for our meal in the middle of the dining table.


Once ready, we were ushered individually to our seats according to our assigned seat numbers where a safety crew member strapped us into our seat. The safety strap was very secure and it restricted our movements to a certain extent. When everyone has been strapped in, we took off into the sky. As we ascend, safety instructions were explained to us via a pre-recorded audio clip.


When Chef Marc introduced the first course his enthusiasm and clear passion for the meal he has designed, helped raise everyone’s spirits and ease the nervous tension. As the next course was being prepared, we ascended further to arrive at the 150ft mark, which was thrilling for some and terrifying for others. By the time we were enjoying our third and fourth courses, we forgot that we were actually dining 150 ft above ground. 


Our slow descent back to earth began as dessert was served, and by the time we finished the last bite we were already unstrapped from our seats and spun around, ready to alight. We had been so distracted by our dessert that the descent was barely noticed. 


For first timers, here are three things you may want to take note of before going for Dinner in the Sky:


1. Wear something warm as the weather can get slightly chilly at 150ft with no walls around you.

2. Go to the bathroom before you head up–nothing makes you more aware of your bladder than being strapped into a chair that is suspended in the air. 

3. If you are motion-sensitive, bring your medication along as the slight sway of the table may aggravate you.


The organisers have confirmed that there are plans to extend the experience and to bring it to other parts of Malaysia. 


As the event at KL Tower is currently sold out, any further announcements will be made via the official website 

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