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Sushi Bake: What is it and how to make your own at home with an easy recipe


By Ronn Tan

Sushi Bake: What is it and how to make your own at home with an easy recipe

Oh, hello there! Have you been cooking at home during quarantine/self-isolation? It seems like staying in has revealed everyone’s prowess and creativity in the kitchen. Move aside, Kitchen Nightmares! Making your own food at home means not having to impress anyone but yourself. Yes, not even Gordon Ramsay.

Since lockdown began, we have been introduced to a plethora of food trends on social media—from banana bread to cereal pancakes to Dalgona coffee to frog bread. Now, we have none other than sushi bake.

What’s the difference between normal sushi and sushi bake? While sushi is typically rolled up and wrapped in seaweed or nori, sushi bake is basically prepared in a casserole or pan. After torching or baking, sushi bake is then scooped out and placed in a piece of seaweed before eating. Consumption of sushi bake is practically similar to how you have beef with lettuce in a Korean restaurant.

However, the food purist in you might be confused and startled by this food trend: isn’t sushi supposed to contain raw ingredients for toppings? Well, it’s time to get acquainted with something new!

How do you make your own sushi bake at home? Check out the easy recipe below!


100 grammes of sushi rice

20 millilitres of sushi vinegar

Japanese mayonnaise

Tuna or other seafood of choice

2 spring onions

Nori (seaweed)


1. Begin the session by preparing your sushi rice.

2. After that, make sure to pre-heat your oven to 180º Celsius. At the same time, you can start cooking your seafood. You can also go meat-less. Don’t forget to chop your spring onions finely.

3. Mix together the mayonnaise, spring onions, and choice of seafood in a bowl (just the first two if you prefer to make your sushi bake without meat).

4. Next, oil an oven pan lightly before spreading the sushi rice along the bottom. With the mayonnaise mixture, proceed by topping the sushi rice.

5. After cooking for 15 minutes, you can then take the pan out from the oven. Last but not least, scoop and place on nori. It’s time to eat.

There you have it—you now have one of the easiest sushi bake recipes. Sushi bake is perfect as a family meal, a party dish, or even as a tasty snack while you binge on your favourite Netflix shows during the weekend. It is also a great way to introduce sushi to those who prefer to avoid anything raw. Furthermore, you can always make your own concoctions by utilising ingredients that you prefer.

Another day, another food trend—but we’re not complaining! Palatable food is everything and we live for all things delicious. What do you think the next food craze will be?

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