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Singapore’s nightclub Bang Bang reopens with a stunning makeover and without cover charges

Pushing the boundaries of experiential clubbing


By Rachel Au

Singapore’s nightclub Bang Bang reopens with a stunning makeover and without cover charges

What makes one nightclub different from the other? On the surface, it’s the design. Look deeper. It’s the menu, the facilities and the service. Stay longer. It’s the music. Bang Bang, on the other hand, had aimed, from the start (August 2014) to be “a refreshing alternative to your typical party destination”, as their Facebook page explains. Then, they closed to elevate that experience and now they’re ready to reopen their teleportation portal. 

For starters, the change begins at the door—a complete elimination of the cover charge. As you make your way inside, the arrival experience only continues to build up with now a new mascot gallery wall adorning portraits of the iconic Bang Bang family and then a neon-lit tunnel. 

bang bang singapore 2018

At the end of the tunnel, a metallic new destination-bar with a statement Bang Bang bottle vault that showcases customised hand-painted bottles, each bejewelled by a local artist. On the newly-raised dance floor, there are upgraded interactive tables, fresh pulsating lights and a reimagined UV-coated diamond dance cage. Other notable upgrades include a raised stage, mirrored ceilings and illusion infinity tables—some equipped with their very own CO2 gun. 

bang bang singapore 2018

Last, but not least, Bang Bang will be introducing a progressive new concept to Singapore’s nightlife scene where smaller groups will be invited to achieve a VIP table experience. They call it a co-clubbing movement that doubles as a social initiative that can connect clubbers alike on shared tables, enabling them to enjoy table hosts, queue jump and bottle service as part of a combined group. 

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